One thought on “2016-04-24 Anathapindika

  1. Thank you Sensei for that wonderful Dharma message. It is so wonderful to hear a Dharma message again. I am very grateful that I can connect and hear your the wonderful Dharma.
    In the CWS I’m reading the section on Shinran Hymns. How appropriate that the first Dharme message I am able to hear is the message of Shinrans Hymns.
    Thank you so very much. I can’t express the joy I feel in hearing the wonderful Dharma again. I guess, no I know now, how I took it for granted when I was living in San Mateo and coming to the temple on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s and other events to hear the Dharma. If I have one wish, that wish that everyone in the Sangha appreciate, cherish, and not take it for granted in hearing the Dharma. Please don’t make the same mistake I did as a foolish person.

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